Medicine, UAQ, Querétaro

EGEL CENEVAL Excellence Award. 2015.

First place (Orthopedics) National Examination for Applicants to Medical Residencies. 2015.


Orthopedics, UNAM, Hospital Dr. Victorio de la Fuente Narváez, CDMX

Elective rotation: Harlingen Medical Center. Texas, US. 2018.

Elective rotation: Hospital de la Santa Creu I Sant Pau, Upper Extremity. Barcelona, Spain. 2019.

Elective rotation: Queen Elizabeth II Health Science Center. Sports Medicine. halifax, Canada. 2020.

Course: Basic principles of osteosynthesis AO. CDMX. 2018.

Presentation: Subscapularis injuries. 3rd Annual Congress of Residents, Surgery Articular, ABC Medical Center. CDMX. 2019.


Sports Medicine, Ortomove, Centro Médico ABC, Santa Fé, CDMX

Publication: Castillo-de-la-Peña, Jose, Pérez-Salazar-Marina, Diego. Anterior Atraumatic Instability of the Sternoclavicular Joint. Reconstruction, Report of a case. Electronic Gazette AMECRA, June 2021


Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy and Joint Preservation, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canadá

Publication: Castillo de la Peña J, Wong I. Endoscopic Repair of Proximal Hamstring Insertion With Sciatic Nerve Neurolysis. Arthrosc Tech. 2022 Apr 22;11(5):e789 e795.

Presentation: High tibial osteotomy. Orthopedic Grand Rounds, Division of Orthopedic Surgery, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada. 2022.

Presentation: Arthroscopic Anatomic Glenoid Reconstruction Doesn t Change Subscapularis Muscle Volume After Placement of the Glenoid Bone Graft Through the Halifax Portal A Radiographic Analysis. Research Day of the Department of Surgery. Dalhousie University. Halifax, Canada. 2022.

Poster: Subscapularis muscle changes after arthroscopic anatomic glenoid reconstruction for shoulder instability. ESSKA 20th Congress. Paris, France. 2022.

Poster: Clinical outcomes of acute bony Bankart treated with suture anchor repair, suture button/screws, and Arthroscopic Anatomic Glenoid Reconstruction. ESSKA 20th Congress. Paris, France. 2022.

Presentation: Arthroscopic Anatomic Glenoid Reconstruction Preserves Subscapularis Muscle Integrity After Placement Of The Glenoid Bone Graft Through The Halifax Portal A Radiographic Analysis. Dalhousie University Sports Medicine 10th Annual Research Night. Presentation podium. Halifax, Canada. 2022.

Presentation: Do Chondral Procedures Impact Outcomes After FAI Treatment in Patients with Cartilage Lesions? Presentation podium. Canadian Orthopedic Association Annual meeting. Québec, Canada. 2022.